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Give & Be the Sustaining Impact Young Artists and their Families Need!

Inspire the next generation of youth!

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Helping to keep our doors open during and post COVID translates to the provision of a safe haven for youth to sustain themselves artistically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. diPA Center, Inc. is the only Christian Performing Arts Community Center in Metro Atlanta serving youth ages 5 - 18 in the areas of performing arts education, youth ministry, leadership & educational advancement, professional development, and preventative health education. This space has been revered by the children and families it serves as "home", "my family", "my safe place", "my release", and "my happy space".

As you know, due to COVID, many community based non profits are struggling to keep their doors open that they may continue to serve the children and families that depend so much on their services. Unfortunately, diPA Center is no different. diPA's doors have been closed since March prioritizing health and being of financial support to the community we serve. But due to the cries from the community we serve, diPA will be re-open in January of 2021 under strict COVID regulations, policy, and studio practices to provide mental and emotional relief and an artistic and physical outlet for children and families. diPA has created a diPA COVID Safety Team, comprised of parents, who will oversee the practices of temperature checks, hand sanitation stations, routine hand washing routines between classes, and student pick up and drop off requirements. In addition, class instruction will be conducted differently to accommodate designated spacing for dancers, focussing on space contained techniques and movement. And of course, mask requirement will be demanded upon entrance to the center.

We have gone through great lengths to answer the cries of our community, all the while acknowledging that without the financial sacrifices individuals like you contribute to our vision and mission, our impact will be greatly compromised. Consequently, we have an number of giving opportunities for those interested in partnering with diPA:

*Friends of diPA

Monthly Donation | $25 - $249/mth

*Champions for diPA

Monthly Donation | $250 - $499/mth

*diPA's Heros & Sheros

Monthly Donation | $501 - $1000/mth

Thank you for your time. ☺️ Thank you for your interest. Thank you for your consideration. We greatly appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

Praying God’s favor continues to rest upon you and that you are more abundantly blessed. May you stay healthy and safe❣️

Yours in Dance & Ministry,

LaShaun Dodds

CEO | President

diPA Center, Inc.